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Space Projector Lamp

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Form constellations in the comfort of your own home and fall and asleep under the moon or the earth. With this projector, you can transform the ambiance of your living space instantly without the need of spending hundreds on overpriced LED lights and lamps.

What's Included

1 x Projection Lamp

2 x Projection Cards (Earth and Moon)

1 x Box

1 x User Manual


• Material: Aluminium + ABS

• Light Source: LED chip

• Power: 3W Plug

• Not sold in retail stores

• Delivery time: 7-21 days

Transform Your Living Space

Bring the galaxy to your bedroom with this space projector! It's interactive, stylish, tripod design allows it to engulf any room with a huge projection of both the earth and the moon.

Set the Scene

That's right - There's nothing better than relaxing after a long day to this high-resolution NASA satellite imagery that literally brings space to you.