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Feeling bored is probably up there with one of the worst things ever, right? Introducing the GlowBalls! These glowing, sticky, squidgy, stress-relieving balls help push that horrible feeling of boredom right out of the way.


What's Included

4, 8, or 12 x Glow Balls

1 x Box

1 x User Manual


• Material: Food-grade TPR

• Glow in the dark

• Not sold in retail stores

• Delivery time: 7-21 days

Boredom?... I've Never Heard of It

Squash, throw, stick, repeat! These GlowBalls are so addictive, you'll forget the last time you were bored. Just turn down the lights, throw the balls and forget about everything. Stress free!

Glow In the Dark

That's right - that's why they're called GlowBalls! Just squash them to activate the glow, and then you already know what to do next... THROW!